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Elizabeth has the opportunity to teach in the Canadian west, but her sister Julie warns of it's dangers in this fun, action-packed song!

Elizabeth begins her first day of class teaching the children how to love learning no matter where they are! This uplifting song is a fan/audience favorite for sure! 
Promo Video
Watch this 30 second commercial showing several action-packed clips from the original 2021 production by the Round Barn Theatre!
Presented by her mother and brother with the opportunity to take a leap of faith, leave her family, home and a successful teaching career to take a teaching position in the great Canadian West, Elizabeth contemplates her decision in this dynamic song, "Move On!"
This beautiful duet sung by Jack and Elizabeth will sweep you off your feet!  Faced with the difficult choice to go with her love further west or to stay and teach her students, this song captures the moment in a magical way in a sweeping duet full of longing, conflict and most of all... romance! Listen to this excerpt of...
You Take My Breath Away! 
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