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"Impressive cast chemistry, talented leads and supporting roles with original music and lyrics by Christy Stutzman, paired with the direction of Alex E. Price, are reasons why this musical succeeds throughout its two and half hour face-paced and fun run"
-Philip Potempa, Chicago Tribune

"Continuing his winning streak, Alex E. Price, slam dunks another one for The Round Barn. Singing, acting, and dancing are all upper caliber. Mrs. Stutzman's music was well thought out and floats flawlessly throughout the production... All made for a winning team!"
-Michael Harris, Midwest Theatre Review

"I was blown away by the quality of the music, the story, and the cast of WHEN CALLS THE HEART THE MUSICAL. They've genuinely got something special and I know that these songs will become classic in time. Each scene was filled with love and care, and whether we as the audience were laughing or sharing in their heartfelt moments of yearning, hope, or realization, the emotional journeys of these characters felt genuine and earned.
-Tara Olivero, BroadwayWorld

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